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Catalog > Gingerbread

Hand painted gingerbread items for your home are sure to bring a smile to your face. These cute gingers are painted on anything from vintage pieces, kitchenware or wood products made right here in our woodshop. All are sealed with 2 coats of sealer for years of enjoyment and may be cleaned using a damp cloth.

If there is a surface you desire a gingerbread design painted on, send me an email and I will be happy to try to fulfill your request.

Prim Ginger Mason Jar Accent Lamp-hand painted gingerbread jar, hand painted gingerbread accent lamp, hand painted gingerbread home decor, hand painted mason jar
Prim Ginger Mason Jar Accent Lamp
Hand Painted Gingerbread Wood Napkin Holder-Wood Napkin Holder, Gingerbread Napkin Holder, Handpainted Gingerbread Home Decor,  Painted Gingerbread Kitchen Decor, Lorri Allisen Gingerbread
Hand Painted Gingerbread Wood Napkin Holder
Hand Painted Gingerbread Soap and Bucket-Hand Painted Gingerbread, Painted Gingerbread Soap,  Painted Soap, Hand Painted gingerbread metal bucket
Hand Painted Gingerbread Soap and Bucket
Out of Stock
Hand Painted Gingerbread Shoes-hand painted baby shoes,  painted gingerbread decor, hand painted gingerbread, painted shoes, hand painted vintage baby shoes
Hand Painted Gingerbread Shoes
Hand Painted Gingerbread Pie Plate-Hand Painted Gingerbread Home Decor, Painted Kitchenware,  Gingerbread Pie Plate, Lori Allisen Gingerbread
Hand Painted Gingerbread Pie Plate
Hand Painted Gingerbread Mousepad-Hand Painted Gingerbread,  Painted Mousepad, lorry allisen gingerbread
Hand Painted Gingerbread Mousepad
Hand Painted Gingerbread Hang Tags-painted gingerbread home decor, handpainted wood hangtags,  lori allisen gingerbread design,
Hand Painted Gingerbread Hang Tags
Gingerbread Mason Jar Candle Lamp-Gingerbread Mason Jar Candle Lamp, Gingerbread Lamp with Pip Berries, Hand Painted Gingerbread Home Decor,
Gingerbread Mason Jar Candle Lamp
Out of Stock
Gingerbread Loaf Pan Wall Hanging-gingerbread home decor, hand painted kitchenware, hand painted gingerbread loaf pan, lorri allisen,
Gingerbread Loaf Pan Wall Hanging
Metal Gingerbread Pockets with Pip Berries-Gingerbread Home Decor, Gingerbread wall pockets, Lori Allisen Gingerbread, Gingerbread kitchen decor, Pip berries,
Metal Gingerbread Pockets with Pip Berries
Out of Stock
Gingerbread Candle with Candlemat-Hand Painted Candle, Hand Painted Gingerbread, Gingerbread Home Decor
Gingerbread Candle with Candlemat
Out of Stock
Gingerbread Boo Boo Repair Kit-Hand Painted Gingerbread Decor, First Aid Kit, First Aid Kit, Lorri Allisen Gingerbread, Gingerbread decor
Gingerbread Boo Boo Repair Kit
Out of Stock
Primitive Gingerbread Napkin Holder-hand painted napkin holder, hand painted gingerbread decor, napkin holder, wood napkin holder, katrina roncin gingerbread,
Primitive Gingerbread Napkin Holder
Out of Stock
Vintage Gingerbread Rolling Pin-hand painted gingerbread kitchen decor, gingerbread rolling pin, vintage handpainted rolling pin,
Vintage Gingerbread Rolling Pin
Out of Stock
Hand Painted Gingerbread Vintage Wood Spools-hand painted gingerbread home decor, gingerbread kitchen decor, hand painted gingerbread, vintage wood spools, prim ginger decor
Hand Painted Gingerbread Vintage Wood Spools
Hand painted Prim Ginger Measuring Spoons-primitive gingerbread decor, primitive gingerbread kitchenware, primitive gingerbread measuring spoons, hand painted gingerbread decor,
Hand painted Prim Ginger Measuring Spoons

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Love arrow wood sign-love wood sign, arrow wood sign, love arrow wood sign, wood sign, primitive sign,
Love arrow wood sign

Love Shack Sign-love, sign, valentine's day, wood, primitive, hand painted
Love Shack Sign

Valentine Stacker Blocks-stacker blocks, word blocks, sitter blocks, valentine, blocks, wood, primitive, hand painted
Valentine Stacker Blocks